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RS 5000
RS 5000
RS 5000
RS 5000
RS 5000

RS 5000



記事番号: 506820

エレガントにデザインされたRS5000は、個々の要件や好みに応じてTVサウンド体験をカスタマイズできるスマートリスニングデバイスです。 3つの異なる聴覚プロファイルから選択して、テレビ、映画、または音楽を強化できます。その独自の音声了解度機能により、ボタンを押すだけで音声の明瞭度が向上します。最先端のデジタルワイヤレステクノロジー、直感的な操作、最高の装着感、長持ちするバッテリーを備えたRS 5000は、非常に楽しいTVサウンド体験を保証します。



すべてを聞いて、楽しんでください。素晴らしい音で改善できない素晴らしいテレビ番組はありません。これはまさにSennheiserRS5000の目的です。音量、サウンドプロファイル、さらには音声明瞭度をニーズに合わせて調整します。 RS 5000はワイヤレスで軽量なので、聴きながら自由に移動できます。


Your + in sound experience

With the RS 5000 your TV will be indulging you with superior Sennheiser sound quality. For customizing your audio experience according to your requirements there are three hearing profiles to choose from, which deliver clearest speech and colorful music. Adjust the left and right volume for a pleasant and balanced sound.

Your + in freedom

Unleashing you from the ties of cables the RS 5000 gives you the freedom to move within a range of up to 70 m and have extra-long TV sessions, thanks to up to 12 hours of playing time. Since the RS 5000 is ultralight, you can really enjoy this freedom to the full.

Your + in speech intelligibility

The RS 5000 features a unique Speech Intelligibility function that makes speech easier to understand by dynamically reducing background noise which is part of the TV audio but may interfere with the spoken word. This makes for a much more relaxed listening experience.

Your + in comfort and simplicity

Focus on the program, not on your device: The RS 5000 offers easy and intuitive handling. It even reminds you when it’s time to recharge the battery. Also, it provides full compatibility with digital as well as analog TV outputs. As for the wearing comfort, the RS 5000 puts no pressure on ears and temples even during long sessions – which especially spectacle wearers will appreciate. And, when not in use, it just switches itself off. Automatically.

Your + in style

The RS 5000 features a sleek and attractive base station that makes a stylish yet subtle addition to every home entertainment system. The base station also serves as a smart docking station that lets the headset/receiver lie in a compact and tidy horizontal position when charging the durable integrated battery.


Color black
Dimensions Receiver: approx. 102 mm x 265 mm x 23 mm (switched off, W x H x D) Transmitter: approx. 50 mm x 42 mm x 270 mm
Country Variant (Power Supply) UK EU US Australia
Frequency response 15 hz to 16 kHz
Max. sound pressure level 125 dB (at 1kHzm 1Veff)
THD, total harmonic distortion < 0.5 % at 1 kHz, 100 dB SPL
Contact pressure approx. 0.8N
Ear coupling Silicon Rubber (2 sizes)
Jack plug Power supply: straight / Yellow TV Optical cable for digital audio out: straight /Pink 3,5mm audio: 1x straight and 1x angled / Blue
Cable length Power supply: 1.5m TV Optical cable for digital audio out: 1.5m 3,5mm audio: 2.0m
Weight Receiver:approx. 61g Transmitter: 232g
Charging time up to 3 hours
Range up to 70 m/200 ft
Power consumption Operation: typ. 1 W Standby: ≤0.5 W (without charging)
Signal-to-noise ratio Analog input: typ. 85 dBA at 1 Vrms Digital input: > 90 dBA
RF output power max. 10 dBm Class 1
Operating time up to 12 hours
Power supply Receiver: built-in Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery BAP 800, 3.7 V, 350 mAh Transmitter: 5 V , 600 mA
Battery Specification Integrated battery BAP 800, 3.7 V, 350 mAh
Frequency 2,4 - 2,48 GHz
Transducer principle (headphones) dynamic, neodymium magnets
Connection Digital input: optical Supported data streams: PCM, 16 - 96 kHz/16 - 24 bit Analog input: 3.5 mm jack socket Input voltage range: 0,15 … 4,0 Vpk
Display Battery Status LED

What's in the Box

  • Li-Pol充電式バッテリーを内蔵したヘッドホン
  • ドッキングステーション
  • 小さな耳用の1組のイヤーパッド
  • EU、英国、米国、オーストラリア向けの国別アダプターを備えた電源ユニット
  • 3,5mmヘッドホンオーディオ出力用TV接続ケーブル
  • デジタルオーディオ出力用のTV光ケーブル
  • 取扱説明書