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IE 80 S
IE 80 S
IE 80 S
IE 80 S

IE 80 S



記事番号: 507448

高く評価されているIE80をベースにした、IE 80 S外耳道ヘッドホンは、美的デザインとプロフェッショナルな機能性の印象的な組み合わせを新しいレベルに引き上げます。ほぼすべての方法で洗練されたIE80 Sは、卓越した音響精度と明瞭さを備えた鮮やかな本物のサウンドを提供します。プレミアムデザインで覆われ、それは私たちのハイエンドオーディオファンの範囲の新しい視覚的美学を共有しています。その強化された音響性能とカスタマイズ機能には、Comply™のメモリーフォームイヤーチップと、さまざまなケーブルを使用するオプションが含まれます。進化を体験してくださ。


IE 80 S外耳道ヘッドホンは、美的デザインとプロフェッショナルな機能性の印象的な組み合わせを新しいレベルに引き上げます。ほぼすべての方法で洗練されたIE80 Sは、卓越した音響精度と明瞭さを備えた鮮やかな本物のサウンドを提供します。プレミアムデザインで覆われ、それは私たちのハイエンドオーディオファンの範囲の新しい視覚的美学を共有しています。その強化された音響性能とカスタマイズ機能には、Comply™のメモリーフォームイヤーチップと、さまざまなケーブルを使用するオプションが含まれます。進化を体験してください。

Supreme quality in a nutshell

If you develop high-end ear-canal headphones, each component has to be excellent at a very small size. Thus, the compact dynamic speaker system of the IE 80 S delivers a breathtaking soundscape with outstanding sonic accuracy and clarity. The IE 80 S was expertly tuned by our perfectionist engineers for the most accomplished acoustic performances in a compact earphone design. Nonetheless, it comes with a unique tool that allows you to adjust the frequency response according to your personal taste.

Pure sound, ever closer to your ear

Fit is crucial for the listening experience with ear-canal phones. The IE 80 S ensures a perfect individual fit with an improved housing design and a wider choice of ear tips, including a complete S/M/L set from Comply™ made of memory foam. The improvement in both sound and wearing comfort is significant. Furthermore, thanks to the very effective passive noise attenuation of up to 26 dB you can enjoy every fine detail of your music even in noisy environments.

High-end mobility

Ear-canal headphones are the perfect choice for the mobile life. Thus, we equipped the IE 80 S with an extremely durable housing and rugged, interchangeable cable with the well-known Sennheiser proprietary 2-pin connector that also allows for customization according to individual taste. Optional ear hooks are supplied to offer an even more secure fit and further enhance the wearing comfort when the road is less than smooth. To protect all this in style, the IE 80 S comes with an all-new carry case made to contain your whole gear.

Designed to attract and serve

Delivering audiophile sound quality from a housing designed for professional industry demands, the IE 80 S combines the best of both worlds. Wearing the new look of our high-end audiophile range it features a rugged yet beautiful industrial design, which includes stainless steel elements and useful details like a red-colored strain relief on the right earphone connector for easy side recognition.


Impedance 16 Ω
Frequency response 10 - 20,000 Hz
Sound pressure level (SPL) 116 dB (1 kHz / 1 VRMS)
THD, total harmonic distortion < 0.1 % (1 kHz / 100 dB SPL)
Ear coupling Ear-canal
Jack plug 3.5mm, straight
Cable length 1.2m
Attenuation - 26 dB
Headphone connector Sennheiser proprietary 2-pin connector

What's in the Box

  • 取り外し可能なケーブル付きIE80 Sイヤホン(1.2m)
  • 耳栓のセット:シリコン、ラメラ、Comply™(それぞれサイズS、M、L)
  • イヤーフック
  • サウンド調整およびクリーニングツール
  • キャリーケース