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MKE 440

MKE 440

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Article number: 506258

Compact stereo shotgun microphone for cameras. Two mini shotgun mics ensure that the MKE 440 captures audio you want while rejecting off-axis noise.


The MKE 440 has two aligned and matched mini shotgun mics ensuring that the MKE 440 captures the audio you want while rejecting off-axis noise. This feature sets it apart from conventional stereo microphones. With its optimized acoustic characteristics and adjustable sensitivity, the MKE 440 is ideally suited for speech, music or ambience. The stainless steel micro-mesh wind protection reduces wind noise and protects the fine high frequency details in your sound.
 Best of both worlds: Stereo without side effects!

Key Features

  • Dual mini shotgun mics create frontal focus
  • Suppression of ambience and background noise
  • Built-in elastic suspension and wind protection
  • 3-level sensitivity adjustment and low-cut
  • Compact, all-metal construction
  • Standard size camera shoe mount

Upgrading your DSLR audio

A new, patented V-shaped design of two shotguns is Sennheiser’s fantastic solution for stereo audio captured by camera shoe-mounted microphones. This configuration covers a stereo width equivalent to the image created by common 35-mm camera lenses. The spread is very uniform and delivers high speech intelligibility in its focus.

What you see is what you hear

The Stereomic MKE 440 operates with two short shotgun mics, mounted in a unique “V-stereo” configuration. It highlights the sound of the video image while rejecting off-axis noise from outside the camera focus.

Unique and highly directional – the stereo V

For generating stereo sound, where two microphones are needed, shotguns are not commonly used. Thus, many stereo videos sound rather distant and reverberant while a lot of unwanted off-focus noise is captured unsuppressed.

Our solution is a new, patented V-shaped design of two shotguns. This configuration covers a stereo width equivalent to the image created by common 35-mm camera lenses. The spread is very uniform and delivers high speech intelligibility in its focus.

Patented Shockmount against handling noise

microphones are susceptible to create structure-borne noise when being handled, e.g. when the camera they are mounted to is moved. That’s why the MKE 440 is fitted with a specially developed patented shockmount. Exactly adjusted to the weight and dimensions of the shotgun microphone tube, it ensures optimal rejection of handling noise. The rubber suspension is secured within the protecting metal mesh.

A rugged design

A very robust and durable stainless steel micro-mesh protects the microphones and provides wind noise suppression. As opposed to regular foam windscreens, the metal mesh will not influence the sound by muffling high frequency clarity. Furthermore, it serves as a shield against electromagnetic interference.

High dynamic electronics

The integrated battery-powered, high dynamic electronic circuit matches the output signal of the MKE 440 to the camera’s input sensitivity. Thus, handling a dynamic range from the most delicate sounds to screaming-loud rock music. The low cut filter reduces structure-borne noise and low-frequency wind noise. The MKE 440 offers extra-long operation time of more than 100 hours on a pair of AAA batteries¸ and even delivers full audio performance on lowbatt operation.


Dimensions 67 x 106 x 128 mm
Weight approx. 165 g (without battery)
Power supply 2 x AAA
Connector 3.5 mm jack plug
Pick-up pattern Stereo, Super-cardioid
Low-cut filter switchable
Frequency response 50 Hz to 20 kHz
Operating temperature –10 °C to +55 °C
Sensitivity switchable
Operating time > 100 h
Max. sound pressure level 132 dB SPL