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Artikelnummer: 004847

Elektret-Kondensatormikrofon mit Supernieren-Tonabnehmer. Robust, für Live-Auftritte und Lead-Gesang mit natürlichem, detailliertem Klang. Empfindlich für die kleinsten Nuancen. Präzise Wiedergabe für Moderatoren und Referenten.


The e 865 represents the first condenser microphone in the acclaimed evolution series. A live performance, lead vocal microphone, the e 865 easily cuts through high on-stage levels by virtue of its detailed and natural 40 Hz - 20 kHz reproduction and superb transient response. (Also available with a switch: e 865 S)

Sensitive to every nuance – and tough on the road.

No matter whether it's quiet or loud, far away or right up close: the e 865 makes every tone worth its weight in gold. The entry into the condenser class can be heard immediately. The highly sensitive membrane picks up the finest vocal nuances and transmits even extreme dynamics into the signal chain with ease.
Even if the lips are some distance from the capsule, the e 865 delivers consistent sound quality. It combines the professional options of the condenser capsule with the rugged design of the 800 series. On the one hand, this is: studio sound, even for demanding live gigs. And, on the other: a special class for moderators and speakers that allows precise reproduction, even of plosive sounds.

The S-version of the e 865 comes with a noiseless on/off switch.

Key Features

  • Kondensatormikrofon mit Supernierencharakteristik für Sprache und Gesang
  • Natürliche Wiedergabe mit betonter Präsenz
  • Konstante Klangqualität (variierende Entfernungen, Bewegung außerhalb der Achse)
  • verzerrungsfreie Wiedergabe auch bei sehr hohen Schalldruckpegeln
  • Optionaler geräuschloser Ein-/Ausschalter
  • Ausgezeichnete Feedback-Ablehnung
  • Hohe Griffgeräuschunterdrückung
  • Robustes Metallgehäuse


Switch On/Off
Weight 311 g
Min. terminating impedance 1000 Ω
Dimensions Ø 47 x 193 mm
Pick-up pattern super-cardioid
Phantom powering 12 - 48 V
Connector XLR-3
Sensitivity in free field, no load (1kHz) 3 mV/Pa
Max. Sound pressure level (active) 150 dB

What's in the Box

  • 1 und 865
  • 1 mikrofonclip
  • 1 beutel